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Dorsera Binata

Dorsera Binata

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Introducing the Dorsera Binata, a captivating carnivorous plant available exclusively at Botanical Daddy's Plant Emporium. Known as the Forked Sundew, this unique plant features delicate, fork-like leaves adorned with tiny, sticky tentacles that trap and digest insects. With its striking appearance and intriguing insect-catching abilities, the Dorsera Binata is sure to be a conversation starter in any plant collection.

This Dorsera Binata is sourced from trusted nurseries and cared for with expertise to ensure its health and vitality. It thrives in bright, indirect sunlight and requires distilled water or rainwater to prevent mineral build-up. As a carnivorous plant, it offers an exciting opportunity to witness nature's fascinating mechanisms up close.

Ideal for enthusiasts and collectors, this Dorsera Binata from Botanical Daddy's Plant Emporium is a true botanical treasure. Embrace the wonders of carnivorous plants and bring home a piece of nature's ingenuity today.
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